Working to ensure the future of
White-tailed Deer, wildlife habitat
and our hunting heritage.

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Welcome to Quality Deer Management Association in Wisconsin

Where Deer Hunters Belong

Since 1988, QDMA has worked to promote sustainable, high-quality deer populations, wildlife habitats and ethical hunting experiences through research, education, advocacy, and hunter recruitment.

QDMA teaches deer hunters how to improve local deer
populations, habitat and hunting experiences.


To enhance the fun and excitement of deer hunting, QDMA encourages the protection of most or all yearling (1½-year-old) bucks combined with an appropriate harvest of does, when necessary, to maintain a healthy population in balance with habitat conditions and hunter desires. 

We also believe hunters who have never killed a buck should be able to choose any buck that makes them a happy hunter.

Working with habitat and planting food plots increases a hunter’s connection to the earth, to wildlife and the outdoors, and many QDMA members report happily that hunting becomes a year-round pursuit instead of being limited to hunting season.

Of course, there is also the benefit of having a better chance of seeing and harvesting a mature buck, because more are present. Given good nutrition and other benefits that are part of a socially balanced deer population, bucks can express their full antler potential in each year of their life.

Current Branch Locations

Map of Wisconsin Branches


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